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Architectural Glass

  • Passive Windows

    Passive house is the most energy saving house in present world now. The passive energy saving is relative to speaking to use electric equipment like the air-conditioner to heat the indoor in winter or cool the indoor in summer actively. It collects the heating energy from...
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  • Hot Bent Glass

    REXI hot bent glass is mainly used for architectural interior and exterior decoration, lighting roof, sightseeing elevator, arched corridor, furniture, aquarium, wash basin, counter, ornaments and so on.
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  • Hot Curved Glass

    REXI hot curved glass, also known as hot curve glass, is made from high-quality glass by softening, molding in a mold, and annealing. It is suitable for special requirements of different shapes. Hot curved glass also can be produced as hollow, laminated or other composite...
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  • Bent Glass

    REXI bent glass is different from ordinary flat plate shape, it is a special type tempered product with obvious curved body curvature.
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  • Toughened Glass

    REXI toughened glass is glass after the heat treatment process. It is characterized by the formation of compressive stress on the surface layer, mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance is improved, and has a special debris status.
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  • Curved Glass

    REXI curved Glass is a kind of tempered glass which add a bending procedure, so it also belongs to safety glass. It is widely used in construction, automobiles, ships, aircraft, instruments, meters and furniture. The China curved glass factory and can provide product to meet...
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  • Laminated Safety Glass

    REXI laminated safety glass has sandwiched structure, to put a piece of film of polyvinyl butyral as the main component between two pieces of glass. It is widely used in the construction, automotive and other industries due to its superior functions such as safety, heat...
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  • SGP Glass

    REXI SGP glass is a kind of laminated glass. After special pre-pressing (or vacuuming) and high-temperature and high-pressure processing, the glass and film are permanently bonding together as one of the composite glass products. The film of SGP glass is SentryGlas®Plus film...
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  • Double Glazing

    REXI double glazing has a definition of a product which is to effectively support and evenly spaced of two pieces of glass and the periphery of the adhesive seal, so that a dry gas space gap between the glass layers. According to the shape it can be divided into flat and...
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  • Insulating Glass

    REXI insulating glass is a unit combined by two or more layers of glass and the space between them, around the glazing unit, we use high strength and airtight composite adhesive, then fill dry gas into the middle gap with desiccant to ensure that the air inside is dry enough.
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  • Ceramic Frit Glass

    REXI ceramic frit glass is made by coating a layer of ceramic on the glass and tempering it, the ceramic is firmly attached to the surface and will never fade. It is highly functional and decorative. It has many different colors and patterns, such as stripes, mesh and...
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  • Silk Screen Glass

    REXI silk screen glass is another description of ceramic fritted glass. Screen printing is a processing to frit ceramic onto the surface, to decorate the products. In China silk screen glass factory, it has diverse of colors and figures, such as ripples, geometric figures and...
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As one of the most professional architectural glass manufacturers and suppliers in China, we bring here high quality architectural glass with good price. Welcome to buy quality products from our factory.
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