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Aluminium Windows

  • Aluminum Windows Design

    Aluminum windows appearing is after timber windows, steel windows. There is also another type UPVC windows. The aluminum profiles is much lighter than steel, and more strength than timber, especially, the thermal insulation aluminum profile is invented, the thermal break...
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  • Thermal Break Aluminum Windows

    The thermal- break, aluminum - profiles are widely used in curtain walls, windows & doors. Most of used thermal - break aluminum profiles are composed of PA66- GF , made of, Nylon and glass fiber, in the middle, forming single cavity, then connected to both sides of aluminum-...
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  • Double Glazed Windows

    IGU glass is invented in 1865 USA. After more than 150 years development, it is accepted in the whole world now. It has 2 pieces of glass, sealed with hollow cavity, filled by air or argon or other inserts gases. It has excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation,...
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  • Energy Efficient Windows

    With the whole world to save energy and reduce emission, what we can do is to choose a high energy saving windows for our homes to get better thermal insulation, no matter in summer or winter, lowering the air conditioner running time.
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  • Aluminum Sliding Doors

    Sliding doors are used for more than one hundred years, first used for bedroom and wardrobe, then to living room, bookshelf, and cabinet. The frame material for sliding doors are from timber to steel, aluminum, UPVC and thermal break aluminum; the panel material are from...
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  • Aluminium Casement Window

    REXI Aluminium Casement Windows also called aluminium hinge windows or pivot windows refer to the hinge is installed in the side of the door and window which can be rotated and opened by hinges combined with window frames. Aluminum casement window has the advantages of large...
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  • Soundproof Windows

    Windows are used for getting light and fresh air flow inside buildings. In modern world, more and more noises made are invading our life. For buildings, the sound insulation windows are changed to be one effective method to keep us shielding noises.
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  • Aluminum Window Awnings

    With window hardware development, like Roto, G-U, Siegenia, KinLong, all very famous brands hardware suppliers in the world, they support the window developments, awning windows, sliding doors, bi-folding windows & doors.
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  • Glass Windows

    REXI glass windows are mainly used for lighting and ventilation. In different situations, they also have different requirements for separation, insulation, sound insulation, waterproof and fire prevention. They play an important role in facade treatment and interior...
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  • Aluminum Windows

    REXI aluminum windows are a new form developed on the basis of casement windows. There are two ways to open it. It can be opened flat and pushed away from the top. It is generally composed of aluminum frames, window sashes, glass and hardware.
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  • Aluminium Windows and Doors

    REXI aluminum windows and doors have frames and other parts mainly composed of aluminum alloy, which has characteristics of light weight and high strength. It has gradually replaced other materials, such as steel products, and has become the first choice of modern...
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