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  • Curved Glass Façade

    It is one type of unique glass curtain walls. There are other hyperboloid glass curtain wall, multi surface glass curtain wall…… With glass industries development, there is no problem to manufacture the hyperboloid fully toughened safety glass to help architects get more...
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  • Aluminum Façade

    Aluminum curtain wall is more and more popularly used in construction building filed around the world now, no matter it is in the developed or developing countries. On each building construction site in China, we almost can see the aluminum façade, big areas or small areas....
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  • Building Façade

    REXI building façade is a professional leader in designing, fabricating and installation of architectural envelopes for domestic and international markets.
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  • Glass Façade

    REXI glass facade refers to a building envelope or a decorative structure of glass. It is composed of a support structure system and can have a certain displacement capacity with respect to the main structure and does not share the role.
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