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  • Decoration glass

    REXI Decoration glass glass is an organic product of synthetic mental activities such as perceptions, emotions, ideals, ideas and so on. It covers all the products with the glass material as the carrier, including decorative building materials.
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  • Clear Karatachi Glass

    REXI clear Karatachi glass is with pattern like some larger geometric irregular patterns, sinking into or extruding on the glass, the pattern edges are clear.
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  • Clear Mistlite Glass

    REXI Clear Mistlite glass has beautiful patterns and figures which make it more decorative, it can block parts of line of sight, but still has good light transmission.
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  • Mirror

    REXI mirror is a glass product with regular reflective properties and metal-plated reflective films, it is framed with metal, plastic, or wooden borders, or just frameless.
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  • Silver Mirror Glass

    REXI silver mirror glass price is higher because the stability of metallic silver is much higher than that of other commonly used metals, so it has excellent rust and corrosion resistance and is suitable for wet environments such as bathrooms.
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  • Aluminium Mirror

    REXI aluminium mirror is produced through horizontal production line, which is the most advanced production equipment for coating.
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  • Antique Mirror

    REXI antique mirror is not an antique in the traditional sense, but is the latest popular decorative mirror in the world.
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  • Antique Mirror Glass

    REXI antique mirror glass is a type of mirror that uses a special oxidation treatment to create a classic texture and appearance. It can make a retro and noble atmosphere to the room and is used in retro style decoration design.
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  • Frosted Glass Door

    REXI frosted glass door is made with a variety of craftsmanship to make a variety of beautiful patterns on the surface of the glass, to get good light transmission, non-visibility, heat insulation and sound insulation door function.
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  • Patterned Glass

    REXI patterned glass, also known as pattern glass, is mainly used in indoor partitions, doors and windows, bathroom partitions and so on.
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  • Clear Nashiji Glass

    REXI clear Nashiji glass is with Nashiji pattern which is relatively smaller, denser and more uniform. It is one of the most popular pattern.
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  • Silver Mirror

    REXI silver mirror is coated with a layer of metallic silver on the back of the glass, so that it has a function of reflecting light and imaging.
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