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REXI dark green reflective glass is very popular in countries located in tropical areas such as Africa and South America. Because of the hot climate and the strong sunshine, buildings need function to block out sunlight and isolate heat.
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China dark green reflective glass suppliers can cut it according to the specified size the customers required. In addition to cutting, the next process is edging, which is to grind the edge, otherwise it will be easily broken during tempering, and the sharp edge is also easy to hurt. 


In order to ensure that the edging does not appear uneven, China dark green reflective glass manufacturers should pay attention that a certain amount of cutting margin is required for cutting. The grinding quality affect dark green reflective glass price.


Relative heat increase refers to the sum of the heat that is obtained and lost through the glass by taking into account the influence of temperature difference heat transfer and solar radiation on the interior. 

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Relative heat increase = (outdoor temperature - room temperature) × heat transfer coefficient K + solar irradiation intensity × shading coefficient SC × 0.87. When the value is greater than 0, it means that more and more indoor heat is obtained; when it is less than 0, indoor heat is lost. When the weather is hot, the outdoor temperature is high, the first term of the formula is positive and heat is transferred to the room. At this time, the smaller the K value and the SC, the smaller the relative heat increase of the glass, which is beneficial to reduce the cooling energy consumption. China dark green reflective glass factories make K value and SC relatively low, especially suitable for keeping the indoor room cool in a hot climate environment. Therefore, it is particularly popular in countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Colombia, Bolivia, etc.

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