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REXI dark gray reflective glass is produced by using CVD technology (chemical vapor deposition) that creates a perfect dark grey layer of metal oxide chemically bonded to the surface of glass.
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China dark grey reflective glass suppliers are available in a range of performances to meet most environmental requirements in terms of solar control, thermal comfort and energy conservation. 


There are many methods used by China dark grey reflective glass manufacturers, including vacuum magnetron sputtering, vacuum evaporation, chemical vapor deposition, and sol-gel methods.   We can design and fabricate multi-layered complex film systems using magnetron sputtering technology, which can coat a variety of colors on substrates. The film has good corrosion and wear resistance. There is a gap between the variety and quality of vacuum evaporation method and magnetron sputtering method, which has been gradually replaced by vacuum sputtering.

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CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) is the introduction of a reactive gas on a float production line that decomposes on a hot glass surface and is uniformly deposited on the surface. This method is characterized by low equipment investment, easy control, low product cost, good chemical stability, and thermal processable. 

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It is one of the most promising production method used in China dark grey reflective glass factory. The sol-gel process has a simple process and good stability, but the disadvantage is that the light transmittance of the product is too high and the decorative properties are poor so it has the lowest dark grey reflective glass price.

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