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Tint Glass

  • Bronze Glass

    REXI bronze glass is an energy-saving decorative material that not only absorbs heat rays from the sun, but also maintains good transparency, and has a bronze color. Only 25% of sunlight can pass through.
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  • Blue Glass

    REXI blue glass present blue look by absorbing, reflecting, and transmitting light of a specific wavelength. It is mainly used for windows, and interior and exterior decoration materials of public facilities in buildings.
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  • Green Glass

    REXI green glass is a kind of selective absorption type glass. It only transmits or absorbs light in one or several wavelength bands. Its characteristic is that the transmittance curve has obvious peaks and troughs in the whole spectral range.
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  • Dark Grey Glass

    REXI dark grey glass is closer to black in color, and its light transmittance is very low, which is suitable for creating a dim indoor environment.
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  • Euro Grey Glass

    REXI euro grey glass has a light color. The amount of pigment, melting time and melting temperature will affect the depth of the firing color to varying degrees. The grey shades can also be assigned as needed.
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  • Gray Glass

    REXI gray glass is a neutral dark glass, which can be absorbed without selectivity for each band of the spectrum. It is a series of gradients from transparent to black.
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  • Tinted Glass

    REXI tinted glass is made by adding colored ions, compound colloids, and metal colloidal particles to the glass raw material so as to present different colors.
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  • Grey Glass

    REXI grey glass is a product with transitional color from colorless to colored in the process. It is solemn and suitable for serious and authoritative construction and facility like government and procuratorate.
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