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Flat Glass
Jun 28, 2018

Glass for Windows 

Window with flat glass also known as flat glass or lens glass, referred to as glass, is not abrasive processing of flat glass. Mainly used in building doors and windows, walls, outdoor decoration, such as light transmission, heat insulation, sound insulation, wind and protection of the role, can also be used in store counters, window and some vehicles (cars, ships, etc.) of the doors and windows.

window with the thickness of flat glass generally 2, 3, 4, 5, 6mm Five, of which 2~3mm thick, often used in civil buildings, 4~6mm thick, mainly used in industrial and high-rise buildings.

Polished Glass 

Polished glass is called mirror glass or white piece of glass, is polished after polishing the flat glass, one-sided polishing and two-sided polishing, the glass is polished to eliminate glass tendons and other defects. Polished glass surface smooth and shiny, from any direction perspective or reflection of the scene is not deformed, its thickness is generally 5~6mm, size can be produced according to needs. Used to install large advanced doors, windows or mirrors.


Frosted also known as wool glass, is the use of mechanical sandblasting, hand-grinding or using hydrofluoric acid solution, the ordinary flat glass surface treatment as a homogeneous surface. The surface of the glass is rough, so that the light produces diffuse reflection, has the characteristic of not penetrating light, and makes the indoor lighting soft.

It is often used in bathrooms, bathrooms, toilets, offices, corridors and other partitions, but also as a blackboard board.

Tinted glass 

Colored glass is also known as stained glass, divided into transparent and opaque two kinds. The glass has the advantages of corrosion resistance, scour resistance and easy cleaning, and can be spelled into various patterns and patterns. Suitable for doors and windows, interior and exterior walls and lighting with special requirements for light.

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