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Introduction Of Raw Materials For Glass Production
Jun 28, 2018

Glass production of the main raw materials are the following:

1. Sandstone: sedimentary rocks cemented by quartz (SiO2) particles

2. Silica sand: Quartz as the main ingredient of natural sand

3. feldspar: containing potassium, sodium, calcium brick aluminum salt feldspar Group of minerals.

4. Limestone: Calcium carbonate type Rock

5. Dolomite: Compound salt rock of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate

6. Fluorite: Natural mineral of calcium fluoride

7. Soda Ash: anhydrous sodium carbonate

8. Glauber's salt: anhydrous sodium sulfate

9. Toner: Carbon as the main ingredient of the powder. In addition, there are resistance fluxes, clarifying agents, oxidants, reducing agents, coloring agents, bleaching agents and so on.

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