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REXI, Creating A Brand Enterprise
Jan 29, 2019

With the higher pursuit of the living and working environment, people will update the standards of building hardware to meet their own needs.

The aluminium windows & doors, as the main part of the building hardware, has becoma decorative element that create bright and spacious environments, acting as a separating element of spaces.

And we aim at creating a Brand Enterprise.

In REXI, we have a wide range of aluminium windows & doors systems, which adapt to all the needs, shapes and sizes that our customers need.

At the same time, we also pay more attention to the details, such as designing a great variety and diversity of accessories for aluminium windows & doors system, such as handles, colors and other hardware. 

Due to the special climate of Dubai, clients to some degree, have extremely high requirements for door and window. For this reason, the project leader went to China to find professional system door and window suppliers. On 8th Jan, 2019, a four-person Dubai clients came to China to inspect the REXI door and window system project. During this process, our company's scale, product quality, sealing, mute, heat insulation, safety and other indicators of the aluminium windows & doors system have left a deep impression on Dubai clients. Thus, choosing us as their cooperation partner won’t let them down.


January, as the first month of this New Year, 2019, is a time for setting new goals and making new commitments. For REXI, we are committed to providing our clients higher quality glass products, and we do so through demanding the highest level of sustainability in our curtain wall system and aluminium windows & doors and throughout our business. We will continuously improve the professional and technical level of the team according to the development of the market to meet the needs of different customers.

We believe that as an industry, we have a great responsibility to design, manufacture glass products that promote and improve the living and working environment and it is essential in this endeavor that we do so in an ethical and sustainable way.


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