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The Important Role Of Glass Explosion-proof Membrane
Jun 28, 2018

Roentgen taught about 50% of the building's flat glass using a safe explosion-proof membrane, and the other 50 "% of the glass has taken no precautions at all."

The AGT company in Hertfordshire, England, insists that this "blind eye" behavior has the potential to put your personal and property safety at risk in the face of major terrorist attacks and civil strife. Moreover, this potential threat is being exacerbated in the city.

In the absence of a "peel test" record, if the film is not found to be not applicable. The insurance company may not compensate. Safety glass experts called on the property and management of the embassies and NGOs to check the maintenance records carefully to ensure that the equipment is working properly. Safety explosion-proof membrane is an effective protective measure to protect residents ' personal and property safety.

But it's like skin. The life span of the protective film is limited, and it loses its protection ability when the time of use exceeds the validity period. Applied Science and Technology (CAST) The guidance of the Ministry of the Interior also requires the glass after installation, should be regularly replaced by the safety of explosion-proof film. This can effectively prevent the glass from flying after being vibrated or impacted by a glass fragment. To do this, excellent bonding materials need to be sufficiently viscous to absorb the energy generated when the glass is broken. Fragile and excellent bonding materials will be broken in the glass when the stress concentration of diffusion, which will cause the film premature tearing, so that the safety of explosion-proof membrane in the event of failure to play a role.

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