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The Manufacture Of Special Glass
Jun 28, 2018

1. A colorless transparent glass and black glass with anti-ultraviolet radiation function.

2. strong absorption of ultraviolet and infrared green glass, transparent/tinted glass.

3. A kind of dental glass-ceramics and its preparation method and use.

4. low radiation hollow mosaic glass.

5. low porosity glass-ceramics production methods.

6. Self-cleaning glass.

7. coated with color multilayer glass and its production methods.

8. A new technology for manufacturing vacuum glass.

9. The method and device of producing embossed glass by float method.

10. Refractory Glass, high temperature glass, high pressure glass, high temperature resistant glass production method.

11. glass-Ceramic glazed tile preparation process.

12. A low temperature preparation method of nanometer titanium dioxide self-cleaning glass.

13. Nano Vacuum coating rainbow glass.

14. the production of laminated color safety glass color slurry formula and production process.

15. heat-resistant fire super tempered glass safety plate manufacturing methods. 16, the electromagnetic shielding glass production process.

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