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What Is Embossed Glass
Jun 28, 2018

Embossed Glass is also known as pattern glass or roller glass, is a colorless or colored glass liquid, through the engraved pattern of the roller continuous calendering of the pattern of the flat glass.

Embossed glass is characterized by light transmittance (transmittance 60%~70%), not perspective, uneven surface of the pattern not only diffuse, soft lighting, but also has a high decorative. Embossed Glass has a pattern on one side, by aerosol spraying or by vacuum coating, color coating, with good thermal reflection ability, rich sense of three-dimensional, giving a luxurious, bright feeling, if appropriate with the lighting, decorative effect better. Note that when applied, the pattern surface faces the interior side, the perspective should consider the pattern shape. Embossed Glass for the perspective of different requirements of the interior of various occasions interior decoration and separation, can be used for processing screens, table lamps and other handicrafts and daily necessities.

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