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  • Soundproof Windows

    Windows are used for getting light and fresh air flow inside buildings. In modern world, more and more noises made are invading our life. For buildings, the sound insulation windows are changed to be one effective method to keep us shielding noises.
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  • Aluminum Window Awnings

    With window hardware development, like Roto, G-U, Siegenia, KinLong, all very famous brands hardware suppliers in the world, they support the window developments, awning windows, sliding doors, bi-folding windows & doors.
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  • Aluminium Cladding

    Aluminium material is widely used around the world from last late century, especially, the aluminum alloyed material. It is much lighter than steel, more strength than timber, widely used in construction field, aerospace engineering, automobile manufacture. The aluminum...
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  • Double Glazed Curtain Wall

    Double glazed curtain wall, as its name, there are two layers of building envelop, and has one more air cavity than single layer curtain wall system. It is the most important to have this air cavity in this system, with better weather resistance, noise insulation performance....
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  • Spider Curtain Wall

    Spider curtain wall is a new type structure connections curtain wall. It has more bright view, fully shows the glass features. This type curtain wall is ideal to be used for public buildings, like theater, exhibition hall, airport, and building lobby, entrance canopy.
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  • Aluminum Façade

    Aluminum curtain wall is more and more popularly used in construction building filed around the world now, no matter it is in the developed or developing countries. On each building construction site in China, we almost can see the aluminum façade, big areas or small areas....
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  • Unitised Curtain Wall System

    Unitized curtain wall system is derived from stick curtain wall system, first designed in Germany. The first time to use this system designed by Chinese company is Project Beijing Textile Building in China in 1997.
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  • Highrise Curtain Wall

    From last century, more and more highrise & super highrise buildings are constructed. Now the top 3 highest buildings are Burj Khalifa Tower, 828 meters, finished in 2010 ;Shanghai Tower, 632 meters ,finished in 2015 and Abraj Al Balt, 601meters, finished in 2012.
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  • Aluminum Stick Curtain Wall

    Aluminum profile is better than the timber and steel material. lighter than steel, more strength than timber, perfect material as supporting frames for curtain wall system.
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  • Aluminum Curtain Wall System

    Aluminum is a very light metal, the aluminum material alloyed with other metallic elements like Cu, Si, Mg, Ni, Mn, Zn, Cr ,Fe ,Ca, Pb, Hg and Ti ,is widely used in aerospace engineering, automobile manufacturing...around the world
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  • Glass Curtain Wall

    With the development of glass industry, more and more energy efficient glass, like IGU, double sides or triple sides low-e, are used to the building envelope to achieve better energy saving, bright view.
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  • Smart Glass

    REXI smart glass is a new type of special photoelectric glass product with a sandwich structure in which the TFT liquid crystal film is compounded into the middle of two layers of glass and is integrally molded by high temperature and high pressure. The user controls the...
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