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  • Decoration glass

    REXI Decoration glass glass is an organic product of synthetic mental activities such as perceptions, emotions, ideals, ideas and so on. It covers all the products with the glass material as the carrier, including decorative building materials.
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  • Hot Bent Glass

    REXI hot bent glass is mainly used for architectural interior and exterior decoration, lighting roof, sightseeing elevator, arched corridor, furniture, aquarium, wash basin, counter, ornaments and so on.
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  • Glass Shower Screen

    REXI glass shower screen is usually frameless tempered or heat soak test glass, or patterned/frosted designed according to various decoration styles.
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  • Glass Shower Doors

    REXI glass shower doors are usually composed of two parts, one part is a fixed partition glass, the other part can be folding doors, hinges doors or sliding doors for entrance and exit. It not only ensures privacy but also allows outsiders to see the light and avoid...
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  • Frameless Glass Doors

    REXI frameless glass doors are almost completely transparent or semi-transparent, so they have good daylighting and can be suitable for any constructional combination. Generally it appears in shopping malls, hotels, offices and other places.
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  • Sliding Glass Shower Doors

    REXI sliding glass shower doors consists of door leaf and track, they are supposed to be translucent. It should be equipped with double-sided etched or rolled glass so that it cannot be seen through and must be safe enough.
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  • Tempered Glass Door

    REXI tempered glass door is often used in the modern home building and fitment process. Due to the different requirements of each owner, doors and windows are also rich in material selection. Among the choices of the doors, most users will choose tempered glass.
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  • Aluminium Curtain Wall

    REXI aluminium curtain wall adopts high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy plate, Its structure is mainly composed of panels, ribs and corners.
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  • Unitized Curtain Wall

    REXI unitized curtain wall is frame supported and assembled in prefabricated. It is a kind of assembly of panels and metal frames (beams, columns) at the factory into the form of curtain wall units.
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  • Unitized Curtain Wall Fabrication

    REXI unitized curtain wall fabrication is the external wall of the building. It is not loaded, it hangs like a curtain and is a light wall with decorative effects commonly used in modern large and high-rise buildings.
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  • Glass Windows

    REXI glass windows are mainly used for lighting and ventilation. In different situations, they also have different requirements for separation, insulation, sound insulation, waterproof and fire prevention. They play an important role in facade treatment and interior...
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  • Clear Karatachi Glass

    REXI clear Karatachi glass is with pattern like some larger geometric irregular patterns, sinking into or extruding on the glass, the pattern edges are clear.
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