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  • Clear Mistlite Glass

    REXI Clear Mistlite glass has beautiful patterns and figures which make it more decorative, it can block parts of line of sight, but still has good light transmission.
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  • Mirror

    REXI mirror is a glass product with regular reflective properties and metal-plated reflective films, it is framed with metal, plastic, or wooden borders, or just frameless.
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  • Silver Mirror Glass

    REXI silver mirror glass price is higher because the stability of metallic silver is much higher than that of other commonly used metals, so it has excellent rust and corrosion resistance and is suitable for wet environments such as bathrooms.
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  • Aluminium Mirror

    REXI aluminium mirror is produced through horizontal production line, which is the most advanced production equipment for coating.
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  • Antique Mirror

    REXI antique mirror is not an antique in the traditional sense, but is the latest popular decorative mirror in the world.
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  • Antique Mirror Glass

    REXI antique mirror glass is a type of mirror that uses a special oxidation treatment to create a classic texture and appearance. It can make a retro and noble atmosphere to the room and is used in retro style decoration design.
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  • Frosted Glass Door

    REXI frosted glass door is made with a variety of craftsmanship to make a variety of beautiful patterns on the surface of the glass, to get good light transmission, non-visibility, heat insulation and sound insulation door function.
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  • 19mm Glass

    REXI 19mm glass is the largest thickness among conventional thicknesses that can be produced on floating production lines. Compared to other thinner ones, it is stronger and more impact resistant, making it ideal for producing safety glass.
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  • Malaysia Glass

    REXI Malaysia glass is produced and shipped by REXI in Malaysia. The port of shipment is Port Klang. Although it is not produced in China, the products meet the strict standards set by China and REXI companies and the quality is guaranteed.
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  • Clear Float Glass

    REXI clear float glass use ore quartz sand which is the best raw materials. The production is pure and transparent, with no glass malignant or bubbles. It is the dominating glass product in China, reore than 200 production lines across the country are working in strict...
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  • Bronze Glass

    REXI bronze glass is an energy-saving decorative material that not only absorbs heat rays from the sun, but also maintains good transparency, and has a bronze color. Only 25% of sunlight can pass through.
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  • Blue Glass

    REXI blue glass present blue look by absorbing, reflecting, and transmitting light of a specific wavelength. It is mainly used for windows, and interior and exterior decoration materials of public facilities in buildings.
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