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  • SGP Glass

    REXI SGP glass is a kind of laminated glass. After special pre-pressing (or vacuuming) and high-temperature and high-pressure processing, the glass and film are permanently bonding together as one of the composite glass products. The film of SGP glass is SentryGlas®Plus film...
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  • Double Glazing

    REXI double glazing has a definition of a product which is to effectively support and evenly spaced of two pieces of glass and the periphery of the adhesive seal, so that a dry gas space gap between the glass layers. According to the shape it can be divided into flat and...
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  • Insulating Glass

    REXI insulating glass is a unit combined by two or more layers of glass and the space between them, around the glazing unit, we use high strength and airtight composite adhesive, then fill dry gas into the middle gap with desiccant to ensure that the air inside is dry enough.
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  • Ceramic Frit Glass

    REXI ceramic frit glass is made by coating a layer of ceramic on the glass and tempering it, the ceramic is firmly attached to the surface and will never fade. It is highly functional and decorative. It has many different colors and patterns, such as stripes, mesh and...
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  • Silk Screen Glass

    REXI silk screen glass is another description of ceramic fritted glass. Screen printing is a processing to frit ceramic onto the surface, to decorate the products. In China silk screen glass factory, it has diverse of colors and figures, such as ripples, geometric figures and...
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  • Low Emissivity Glass

    REXI Low emissivity glass has layers of sterling silver which can reflect the sun's far infrared rays. It has excellent thermal insulation performance. Its energy-saving performance is greatly beyond the traditional glass.
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  • Double Silver Low E Glass

    REXI double silver Low E glass is a new type of low-E glass, it has two layers of sterling silver has better energy-saving performance than glass with only one layer of silver film.
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  • Safety Glass

    REXI safety glass is a type of glass that is not prone to broken after crushing, and even it is broken, it’s not easy to hurt people due to severe vibration or impact.
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  • Frameless Glass Shower

    REXI frameless glass shower are distinguished from other ordinary shower by the fact that there are no consolidated frames around the glass. It is generally made of 8 to 12mm tempered glass, with a decorative frame upside and downside, or directly with a clip on one side and...
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  • Glass Door

    REXI glass door is a special kind of door. It can be used in the construction of the indoor hallway walls, pillars, corridors, and outdoor buildings like hotels, restaurants, restaurants, bars, banks, hospitals and office building.
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  • Sliding Glass Doors

    REXI sliding glass doors are a type of door commonly used in modern homes and refer to doors that can be opened and closed by sliding. With the development of technology and the diversification of decoration methods, its materials, functions, and scope of use are constantly...
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  • Glass Balustrade

    REXI glass balustrade uses glass as the main part of the balustrade instead of the traditional material like brick, masonry, wood or metal. It must be safety glass.
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