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  • Frameless Glass Balustrade

    REXI frameless glass balustrade is the best choice of fence for top grade buildings and occasions, with the advantages of beautiful outlook, sturdy and durable structure, safety, long life, easy cleaning and maintenance, etc.
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  • Glass Pool Fencing

    REXI glass pool fencing is a half-frame glass guardrail that is supported by stainless steel floor clips. It makes the swimmers fully enjoy the sunshine while swimming and playing in the pool safely.
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  • Glass Fence Panels

    REXI glass fence panels is a kind of product that can be combined with frames and hardware connections, or be an all-glass structure without any frame and connecting parts.
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  • Glass Stair Railing

    REXI glass stair railings are generally used to match the top grade stairs in public places such as hotel lobbies and high-class buildings. Its luxurious texture and excellent light transmission cannot be replaced by other materials such as wood or metal.
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  • Glass Handrail

    REXI glass handrail height is usually 850mm to 1200mm, specific height can be customized according to the actual needs of customers. It generally composed of handrails, columns and glass plate body, and can be with frame or frameless.
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  • Glass Staircase

    REXI glass staircase is a staircase made entirely or partially of glass. The finished stairway is dominated by the transparent texture of the main material regardless of the other matched materials.
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  • Glass Stairs Design

    REXI has gradually developed into a professional staircase company integrating design, procurement, production, and installation. We participated in the glass stairs design of many famous staircase projects covering products in China, such as Qingdao, Beijing, Shanghai,...
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  • Glass Partition

    REXI glass partition is a type of to-ceiling partition that completely divides the space. It can not only achieve the function of traditional space separation, but also have obvious advantages in lighting, sound insulation, fire protection, environmental protection, easy...
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  • Wall of Glass

    REXI wall of glass is committed to the research of advanced technology of finished partitions, with the joint efforts of rigorous production processes, first-class technical guarantees and honest sales concepts, we have designed and developed a finished partition product...
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  • Curtain Wall System

    REXI curtain wall system consists of the panel and the supporting structure system, it can have a certain displacement capacity relative to the main structure or have a certain deformation ability. It does not assume the role of protection or decorative function of the main...
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  • Stick Curtain Wall

    REXI stick curtain wall means that the self-loading of the curtain wall and the load received by it are mainly borne by the framework. The installation method can be divided into semi-frame installation and clear frame installation.
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  • Building Façade

    REXI building façade is a professional leader in designing, fabricating and installation of architectural envelopes for domestic and international markets.
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