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  • Smart Glass

    REXI smart glass is a new type of special photoelectric glass product with a sandwich structure in which the TFT liquid crystal film is compounded into the middle of two layers of glass and is integrally molded by high temperature and high pressure. The user controls the...
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  • Window Glass

    REXI window glass provides good ventilation and lighting for houses, and with the improvement of process technology, colors, styles, and functions are more and more abundant, and gradually become an integral part of building functions and decorations. China window glass...
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  • Greenhouse Glass

    REXI greenhouse glass is greenhouse where glass is the main light-transmitting material. It has long service life, suitable for a variety of regions and a variety of climates.
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  • Art Glass

    REXI art glass is an organic product of comprehensive mental activities such as perceptions, emotions, ideals, ideas and so on. In the broad sense it covers all the glass products that are based on glass materials, embody the concept of design and artistic expression,...
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  • Stained Glass

    REXI stained glass can be devided into two types, one is the use of modern digital technology through the adhesive bonding of industrial, the other one is a traditional hand-painted method. It can paint on colored glass, and can also paint on colorless glass.
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  • Glass Dining Table

    REXI glass dining table refers to a table with glass as the main material. Generally, only the table top is made from glass. However, with the development of glass processing technology, high-grade dining tables are now emerging that consist entirely of glass.
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  • Spider Glass

    REXI spider glass is composed of a glass panel, a point support device and other support structure. It has the stability of steel structure, the lightness of glass and the precision of machinery.
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